Jeddah Gate

The Jeddah Gate community is designed to mark the beginning of a new era in establishing an integrated master plan that meets all the requirements of a modern lifestyle in Saudi Arabia. The master plan fulfills all your requirements in one place without the need to step out. From the variety of its residential, commercial and hospitality projects, with an exquisite combinations of amenities and leisure facilities to suit all needs.

In addition, there are walkway and sidewalk for pedestrians to enjoy the tranquil landscape, beautiful plazas and cascading water in the public plazas and gardens, as well as the wide range of services, retail outlets, mosques, schools and sidewalk-dinning and cafes.

Jeddah Metro Al-Muntalaq Station
Train Station Al-Haramain Station
Airport King Abdulaziz International Airport
Bank National Commercial Bank
Bank Samba Bank
Chamber of Commerce Jeddah Chamber of Commerce
Port Jeddah Islamic Port
University King Abdul Aziz University
University Dar Al Hakma University
School Dar Al Fikr School
Library King Fahd Public Library
Hospital International Medical Center
Hospital East of Jeddah General Hospital
Mall Al-Andalus Mall
Mall Al-Sallam Mall


Abraj Al-Hilal 1 Abraj Al-Hilal 2 Emaar Residences Emaar Square

Emaar Residences

MORE ROOM FOR HAPPINESS !! Wide living room with relaxed atmosphere

Emaar Square


Abraj Al-Hilal 2

MORE ROOM FOR HAPPINESS !! Wide living room with relaxed atmosphere

Abraj Al-Hilal 1

MORE ROOM FOR HAPPINESS !! Wide living room with relaxed atmosphere
10 minutes from Al-Haramain Station
20 minutes from King Abdulaziz International Airport
10 minutes from National Commercial Bank
5 minutes from Samba Bank
3 minutes from Jeddah Chamber of Commerce
5 minutes from Jeddah Islamic Port
7 minutes from King Abdul Aziz University
7 minutes from Dar Al Hakma University
7 minutes from Dar Al Fikr School
10 minutes from King Fahd Public Library
5 minutes from International Medical Center
12 minutes from East of Jeddah General Hospital
2 minutes from Al-Andalus Mall
2 minutes from Al-Sallam Mall
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Jeddah Gate


1 to 4 Bedroom Apartments, Shops, Offices and Coffee Shops

Prices from

SAR 1,000,000